Ashved is well-versed in a variety of training styles and has experience training all ages and types of people. 

From a teenager who wants to build muscles, to a tummy boy who wants to  lose weights, to a skinny girl who wants to get a toned body or to a grandma or grandpa who wants to keep fit.

Your training will be tailored specifically to your needs and goals to lead you to your maximum potential.


Your exercise program will include strength training through dumbbells, kettle-bells, body-weight and resistance bands  Ashved will incorporate high Intensity Interval Training to help you shed fat and gain muscle in half the time you would spend on a standard cardio machine



Interested in Stand Up Paddling and a workout on the sand after? How about a beach run or jog on the Greenbelt? Ashved understands that not all clients enjoy typical circuit style workouts and is happy to take you outside the box while still giving you a quality workout experience.

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