About me


I created this Fitness & Health blog in May 2019. I worked full time as a Software Developer and just felt that I needed a creative outlet where I could express my knowledge and passion on Fitness & Health.

This blog since its creation , has become my voice , my little corner on the internet where I can bring value to people who want to have a proper body transformation and connect with all the people around the world.

I feel very lucky to have started working out since 2017 which have given me the opportunity to learn how to train like a professional and what mistakes to avoid.

My Mission

In the last 4 years that I have been working out , I have experienced lots of failures. As a result, my mission is to help people who want to change their physique and get fit.

My Vision

My vision is to build a community of healthy and happy people. This is because , when you workout you feel energized and dopamine is released. I want that when my followers become satisfied with my contents , they share them to those who are in need of these. As a result , this will help more and more people.