Balade dans nature – one

Hey fellow readers! Hope you doing good..I have decided to start this

adventure series because I think recovery days should be well spent by

discovering new places after intense workouts at the gym 🤗

I will encourage you also to do this since it forms part of the fitness journey

One touch of the nature makes the whole world kin

William Shakespeare

Today , I decided to spend my recovery day at ‘Le Domaine de Bois Cheri‘.

How can someone not fall in love with that view 😍😍
The best recovery & rest day one can have
Behind me is where you can query about bubble lodge

It is a must go place! It was a great moment over there!


I would say go by vehicle . This is because , it is a very huge place and a

vehicle is a must. I don’t know and I don’t think so if the personnel over

there provide transport facilities .

If lost , you will find Grand Bassin at one end or you will find la Flora village at the other end.

Also feel free to ask the people residing nearby they are very cool

For more details check out the Google map below :

Price & details

Okay once you are there , you will be first stopped by a security guard who

will tell you to go to the reception .

They receptionist will ask you to pay for the ticket which is at rs 250 per person.

With this ticket you can visit the whole Domain and go for a tea tasting at the bubble lodge .

Now you can have lunch , brunch over there but with external costs i.e not included in your ticket (Rs 250).

Cool things over there
  • Tea tasting – these are the following flavors you can get
    Caramel Tea
    Coconut Tea
    Elaiti Tea
    Black Tea
    Green Tea
    Lemon Tea
  • Kayak
  • Peacock
  • Tea factory & Tea making process

The Museum in Domaine de Bois Cheri

Make sure you get lost 😌

At first , I believed that the personnel did not give us a map to guide us to the bubble lodge!

But , I think it was bright not to give us because the most fun part was we getting lost 😀

I am telling you guys DO IT DELIBERATELY you will see a a big colony of Deer!

The deer are very friendly hehe

However, be ready to drive on muddy soil and lots of rain since the anonymous road is in deep forest.

In addition , try not to venture more in the deep forest as it becomes hard to reverse .


If you go on weekdays you will not get to visit the factory where they demonstrate the whole tea making process .


My summing up : this is a trip for everyone that one must go during their time in Mauritius. It is so relaxing and enjoying as well . You can enjoy with the family and don’t worry as it is very secure and the staff over there are so welcoming .

Do you like adventures? How you spend your recovery day after workouts ? Answer in comment section till then happy recovery and rest day

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