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This is a continuation of my previous workout for skinny guys and workout for skinny girls . Indeed we won’t reach anywhere if we don’t eat properly. We could be genetically skinny or just like me was a football freak so eventually my input was very low to my output since I was playing 5/7 per week. Furthermore, it can be just simply we were not eating well. No worries , I have figured out the formula to help you all! Stay tuned!

Food macro(s)

Carbohydrates : Rice , Oats, Bread, Flour, Pasta

Don’t forget your breakfast guys!

Simple carbohydrates : white flour , white rice..

My advice to you is to avoid these because it is very bad for health and tends to make us grow fats instead of muscles.

Complex carbohydrates : Wheat , Bessan , Brown rice

Protein : Meat , Fish , Chicken, Eggs , Paneer , Tofu , nuts, lentils..

Fats : you get them from meat..

Don’t worry about how to cook them , just do it the way you guys cook normally as it is important you know what to eat nothing else.

5 times meal a day

Thank me later with this new way of eating as you won’t get this tip anywhere else on the internet

I happened to use this way of eating which made me gain my results today

  • Breakfast : 2 boiled eggs , oat/weetabix , 2 bananas
  • 9 hr-10 hr (mini lunch) : a small bowl or half the amount of your lunch
  • Lunch : eat curry with rice here and vegetables and do abuse on ‘mine bouilles
  • 15 hr : cake and tea or dessert
  • Dinner : more curry than rice or flour

Bonus tip 1 : Early in the morning , break an egg and pour in a glass and drink it. You will first won’t like it but TRUST me this is very much better and efficient than eating boiled eggs

Note that the egg is not like you buy usually , I call it ‘Dizef ordinaire’ ; it is actually very small . Try it for one month and stop then do it again the month after

Bonus tip 2 : Eat bread with peanut butter and 2 bananas for breakfast . Peanut butter is very good for gain weight .

In addition , avoid peanut butter with lots of sugar because I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET DIABETES WHICH IS A COMMON PROBLEM IN MAURITIUS!

Bonus tip 3 : Whenever you get time , eat smashed potatoes with some butter or boiled potatoes with some butter . It helps you to get muscle mass

Don’t forget your boiled potatoes


Serious mass is the best for beginners! Drink it with milk and ice to get a good taste. However, you can use only water because you won’t be able to carry milk bottle and ice with you after gym workout.

One drawback when you mix protein powder with milk , it tends to smell very bad if left in the shaker and it prevents you to re-use your shaker for further use

You can also use Whey protein! But make sure you prepare your shaker in a machine and add bananas , 1 spoon of peanut butter , 1 cup of oats.

This is because , you need to gain weight and whey protein will only give you protein which is not so good for beginner who wants muscle mass


You are all aware that we need to keep us hydrated. The question that needs to be asked is WHY?

This is because you are changing your habit of eating now. You will have guaranteed CONSTIPATION problem since you are taking supplements. Drinking sufficient water will help you combat that 😉

Also it is good to drink ‘la mousse noir‘ and liquid vegetables, fruit juice and broth since we are here for a healthy way of living


To conclude , I will again put stress on the fact that you need to focus more on diet than workout because it is where you will feed the muscles tears you have produced during your workout. So think of it like this , the better and proper way you feed them , the better the results will be

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