Gym equipments

Gym equipment(s) that men need!

During my years of working out , I have been observing and trying various things that you need to ensure a proper working out. I must say everyone is different , however the things that are going to be mentioned are standard things that one should have in their gym bag !

Never dive into a sea without knowing its depth…

Gym clothes

Every one needs to feel confident in order to lift weights! Don’t wear men’s vest and try to lift weight if you are skinny. You will be left disappointed when you see yourself in the mirror and you will stop going to the gym.

Please pay attention
  • Wear simple nylon shirts in order to prevent your sweat to be soaked and appear like you have just get out of a swim with your clothes
  • Don’t wear long sleeved shirts which will prevent you perform your arms workout exercises
  • Wear shorts having pockets with zip. I am saying so because it really help you to keep your things like keys mobile or earphones safe with you . I forgot my valuable things like that as I was wearing light shorts which footballers wear.
  • Wear shoes that are not slippery. No need to buy expensive shoes like Adidas, you can have a simple one which is comfortable for you.
  • You should buy a safety belt and wear it even if you are not lifting heavy. This is because , I have got back and waist problems when not wearing it. ( Safety first)

Gym bags

Before I got my actual bag , I was using my own school bag. I was ensuring that my bottle of water , my shaker and towel and headset fits in it well. However, when I started working , I was having difficulty to put my clothes and shoes in the school bag. As a result , I opted for my actual bag which is more spacious and handy to carry.

Gym Shakers

We live in a busy world and most of us workout as a part time hobby. Whether to build muscle or to lose weight or to perform fitness exercises, we all need supplements. However, many ignore the fact we need to have a good shaker to accompany us. One mistake I have done is that I was buying cheap shakers which resulted in stinky smell after using them.

In addition , there are shakers having the bottle cap very fragile and which breaks in less than 2 weeks. Also, I bought a shaker which had a quite good mixing grid but after some time I saw that the grid kept on moving and things were spouting out! Stay away from it .

Please check out this link in which much more details are written about shakers! I really recommend this one 😉

14 Best Protein Shakers (Review) in 2019


To conclude , for you to ensure that your working out journey to be a success, you absolutely need to be equipped! Without that you may reach your goals but you won’t be satisfied.

Stay tuned for the equipments needed for our dear ladies

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