How much cardio should I do per week?

I often hear that those who are building muscles mass should limit their amount of time doing cardio exercises and those who are doing weight loss programs should increase the time taken for cardio exercises .


See the thing here is we need to transform our body but the most important thing is that we should be exercising in order to be fit and healthy. This has always been my motto to start my blog and to keep reminding you guys that our main priority is to be healthy.

As a result, the simplest way to stay in good health is to make blood pumped in our body and the best way here is to everyday practice 30 mins cardio exercises.

Muscle building fan zone

I used to follow the workout plan of Steve cook where he says do 15 mins or treadmill run and then you pursue your workout for your muscles. It is true as we need to warm up in order to reduce the risk of injuries.

However , this was not working for myself. This is because I was getting tired very quickly and this would hinder my performance later on. What I did is after completing all my workouts , I run/ walk 20 mins on the treadmill.

The cool thing with this technique is that , I could sense my blood flowing fast and mostly my calves were being worked out. I feel that all the pain has gone and I feel more awake.
My technique was simple ; I start walking on the treadmill for 5 mins , then I run for 5 mins then I sprint for 5 mins and I keep repeating that till I can

Note : record the number of calories burnt ; it should be stabilized every day.

Cardio is a must for those bodybuilders who want to stay fit

Weight loss fan zone

You all know that my brother is 128 kg and is now 100 kg after this new technique we have found out. The thing here is we keep experimenting new techniques every 40 days in order to confuse the burning of fats in the body.

This technique include 30 mins walk on treadmill don’t try to walk , run and sprint as you don’t have this ability for now! TRUST ME YOU WILL IN SOME MONTHS WITH ME

After that , immediately try your workouts suppose you are training chest and triceps. Fight with those exercises without resting . Do not worry about you trying your reps in your chart etc.. just do it!

Note : You need to drink lots of water

After your crazy workouts , you need to walk again 30 mins on the treadmill. Do that every and thank me later guys and girls.

Note : always record the number of calories burnt recorded in the cardio machines. Remember – you should keep in mind that you need to burn more calories every day, just keep pushing yourself.

Weight loss should be done with proper techniques


Swimming helps to burn calories and keep you fit as well as it requires great energy. We need to swim at least once per week. I prefer swimming in the sea pereybere is the most preferred in Mauritius. For those , who has not enough time you can join a swimming club or a pool to rent where you can pass some time with the family and also do your swimming purposes.

One of the best Cardio ever and relaxation


This my best best advice for those who want to stay fit! It is free and fun. Nowadays, what I observe is the fashion of Futsal indoor games. ( Stay tuned for my upcoming Futsal post) . With football , you can train your stamina and agility which a very good thing for those who want to stay in good health.

To increase your stamina and agility


I will repeat here again! We are in the fitness project because we want to be healthy and we need to make sure that we are well informed by experienced people who have tried things and I must say that with the contents I mentioned they are all experienced by me and people.

Before going , I would like you to check out this link where the author has described this technique very well which can be practiced anywhere and anytime. I find it very useful that I have become a fan of her work.

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