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How to lose weight – Episode Two

My brother weighs 128 kg! I have been training for one month with him and he says that he has been losing weight gradually. Indeed, the big boy was doing the wrong workouts and techniques.

I believe that many of you are facing those problems and I agree it can be hard to see all the people training , running for hours on those treadmills and you are not being able to replicate. No worries Ashved is here !

90% Nutrition & 10 % workout

You will never lose weight if you don’t control your nutrition.



I am not a nutritionist! I am sharing only what is working with my brother and how it may come into help with you. This applies to both men and women who want to lose weight.

Lose fats not muscles

I don’t want you to be happy that when you stand on the weight machine and you see a drop in your weight! I don’t want you to lose muscles BUT only fats. A way you can measure your success in weight loss is you will notice the layer of fat around your belly is decreasing!

Stopping fat consumption completely

Fat eating is good since it is important for your skin and it’s glow. It works as a lubricant for our body . Therefore, you need to continue eating your bread and butter which every body loves . You need to continue using cooking oil in your meals preparation.

Note : BMI test a need ; Muscle % must be higher than fat %

Let’s dive into it

Detox water is a must

When you wake up after you have brushed your teeth etc.. boil some water with some lemon juice and honey. This will make your body and mind get charged up. You then eat a fruit (banana is a preferred choice) immediately after that.

Meditation & health

Furthermore, do your 30 mins daily exercise . You can include yoga stretching and then you perform strengthening workout. Suppose you go for a walk ; just observe your mind when it is joyful , when it is sad or when it is angry – this is what I call meditation .

Breakfast is king

Eat your breakfast like a king

Suppose you take your breakfast at 8/9 am. You need to make it heavy i.e you need to have oats, vegetables, bread, peanut butter, and your protein shake.


Apples are very good for health

Eat fruits because they are rich in fiber which is a very good pros for our health

Lunch at 2 p.m please

Salad + Farata
We can see Tomatoes and avocados and ‘farata’

I know this sounds weird but do make sure you take your lunch at the time mentioned. Your lunch should only consists of salads NO LOTS OF SALADS , some lentils/ curry , bread / brown rice / ‘farata’ .

Don’t forget 5 p.m


During this hour, eat lots of dry fruits or nuts.

Dinner at 7 p.m

You can eat your normal dinner meal. However, double the amount of curries that you eat normally and take only a bunch of rice (brown rice is preferred)

Here the tricky part – avoid eating all things that are white they are dangerous to our health . For e.g white flour or white rice or even sugar – that is why we call them white poison which are very very high in calories and eventually dangerous for those who want to lose fats.


It is said that you cannot make your body hungry else when it comes to dinner time you have become like hungry wolves! You need to feed yourself every 3 hours , that is why I have detailed how you can keep your body full.

What is your secret fat loss nutrition??

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