I received many messages by female friends after my first post on telling me to create a blog article on how to lose weight fast. It is true that many women are busy with their worklife and as well as with their family responsibilities.

Understand how women lose weight

First, lose fat from their face , then from chest then slowly just like men their stomach start shrinking then it comes from side to front then on stomach then stomach fat diminishes.

70% nutrition & 30% workout

See , the fact that we spend 9-10 hours doing our daily activities. During these hours , we are eating to get the energy in order to make things done. However, we would be working out for approximately 1-2hours per day. This is why the formula 70:30 comes into the picture. In other words, you ladies need to be constantly eating in order to avoid eating like WOLVES!!

Diet plan

This diet plan you can do it for 5 days and get comfortable with it and then you can do it for 10 days and so on.

Making a 1500 calorie diet plan :

First need to know what is your BMR ( Num of calories you need to maintain your body weight

Go to google put age height and weight  , tap BMR (you get it) 

55 * 24 = 1380 is the amount of calories you burn per day 

1500 – 1380 = +120 calories

Suppose you burn 600 calories —> 600-120 = 480 calories under then you going to lose weight


Breakfast : 

For example , 4-5 egg whites (you fry them ) 100 calories 

1 egg white (16-20 calories)

100g Veggies 

(combined : 140-190 calories )

For instance, Green tea with lemon (antioxidant)  0 calories (combined 250 calories) + slice of Bread

(85 calories) + 35 calories Jam (120)

Total : 370 calories

6 times a day with these types of meal

10 am 

2-3 tablespoon dahi/ yoghurt — make immune system strong (65 calories)

12:00 am

For instance, Small serving of baked/boiled sweet potato (150-200 calories) and some pepper
14:00  Lunch

You can eat whatever has been cooked and you cannot cook special for you

You eat the same but in portions

E.g roti + 100g curry + 100 salads + water

Roti : 60 calories 

Curry : 

250 calories with dal and with veggies 350-475 calories

Salads : 100 calories

In other words , you get a Total 410 calories

16:00 Snack 3 (complex carbs) + green tea

4-8 tablespoon (30-50gm) white rice ( 100-125 calories) 1 cup green tea 0 calories


Baked chicken or fish , lots of salad and water


Bonus advice : Make us of detox water

You can either buy them or make them. It is simple , for instance you just cut some fruits and let them soak in water the night before and you drink them the next morning. Nevertheless, you can also make use of green tea or as recommended, make a mixture of ginger powder and lemon in some water . 

3 main muscles to target (Legs, Chest , Back)

Above all , the more you train bigger muscles , the faster your body will build muscles. 


Note : Rest days are very important as your body will burn fat during those days 

Note : you need to buy a pair of dumbbells 2kg-max(convenient for you)

Chest exercises for women

Check out Chloe, who does show exactly how you should perform chest workout. Check out also her instagram account
Back exercises for women

Check out Chloe, who does show exactly how you should perform Back and Arm homeworkout. Check out also her instagram account
Legs exercises for women

Check out Chloe’s Leg exercises to burn leg fats . Check out also her instagram account

Practice other activities

In a conclusion , whether you go to gym , or walk , or jog or even do yoga or not doesnt matter until you keep your body in movement. Therefore, it is important to perform activities like swimming , running .

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