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When I started working out for my skinny transformation journey, I didn’t know that taking supplements plays an important role in body transformation. There are people who train for years and then get results but I am a person who gets motivated by seeing results and I am sure you are on the same opinion.

However, I am not saying that you should take shortcuts (Steroids which I will talk in another post) . I would just say stay away of it . So let’s get started.

One dangerous thing for beginners :

I don’t take supplements

From those bodybuilders 😛

It is a common quote that we hear from those buff dudes to skinny / beginner guys like me. It is bullshit !

P.S Stop doing this guys as some amateurs take that serious and gets discouraged 😔

According to my experience , we have 3 categories of supplements

  • Supplement(s) for Muscle Mass
  • Supplement(s) for Muscle Cuts
  • Supplement(s) for Weight loss

Let’s get to it in much detail

Muscle mass Supplements

Serious mass is one of the best mass gainer that a skinny guy or girl can take. The good thing with it is it really sums up your day with lots of calories and as skinny person we need 1500-2000 calories.

However, one common mistake that I did when using it was I was not lifting heavy weight. As a result , you get a fat belly 🙁 . Therefore, guys and girls , please not that you need to lift higher weight when taking this product.

My friend on the contrary was using Mass gainer which is cheaper than serious mass. He said that he bought a bag itself that contains 12 lbs. After 3 months I saw him he was very buffed.

Don’t use Mass tech! It’s a fact that it tastes very bad you have vomit feeling after you drink it and its very expensive .

Getting ripped supplements

The best supplement you can take after getting enough muscle mass is Nitrotech Whey protein! Note that , it is important that you get ample muscle mass then you start cutting else it won’t look good

Now, Nitrotech Whey protein comes in 3 types ;

Nitrotech + casein : With this one you cannot eat boiled eggs like you use to since it already has everything in it

Nitrotech + casein : With this one you cannot eat boiled eggs like you use to since it already has everything in it

Nitrotech : This one contain pure protein concentration so you can have it with milk , oats or banana

Nitrotech + isolation : This one has fat burner and protein powders.

Lose Weight supplements

As discussed above , my brother(125 kg) is using , upon my recommendation, Nitrotech isolation whey protein. In addition , you need to drink it with lots of water so that it takes great effect.

Now , if you want to get one full pack of all your supplements , I recommend you to check out the link below!


To conclude, these protein powders are made in laboratories so they can
help consumers see results. However, we are all different human beings
so some can cause you some issues like in my case when I
transited from serious mass to Nitrotech , I was having headache . In addition , these are supplements not substitution to your diet.

What are the supplements you take that you see results with??

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