The 3 types of Shakers that beginners need to have!

I have always been having issues when choosing gym shakers to use my supplements for workout. Some problems that I was experiencing were ; unable to clean them well, they were stinking and break easily..

This is why I considered to share with you the top 3 best gym shakers that I have used till now.

Sport Gym Shaker

This is the best gym shaker (Spider) I have ever used! I was approached by a fitness buddy of mine telling me to try this shaker for one month and I was amazed on how it was easy to use and handy.

I have realized how easy it can be cleaned and used again just in 5 mins left dry after washing.

The best part of this shaker is the flip & cap which is very firm and strong. They don’t break easily especially when you are in a hurry for work or gym.

The spider clip and the spider mix helps a lot to refine your supplements into a nice liquid leaving no bubbles of proteins in your throat.

True Strength ON Gym Shaker

This is my second choice because I found it really nice as it contains a simple mixer and allows a quite better cleaning after your usage.

The good thing with this one is the grip is very well designed so that it fits your hand well.

However, you will surely get problems if you use milk and forget to rinse it well before leaving it in your bag. I have had very bad experiences with this .

Blender Bottle

This is the last preference as I liked the ball mixer in order to mix all the contents in the bottle. However, I would say that it is best used with juices or pre-workouts. Also the cap of the bottle gets affected easily with time.


The main focus should be on effectiveness of the shaker. When I say effectiveness , I mean in a cleaning way to enhance reuse and the ability to sustain for a longer period of time.

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